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Franchising Over 50

Business myths are rife with stories about youthful entrepreneurs who concocted wild ideas while eating pizza in a tiny college dorm room, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars of VC capital and founded million dollar ventures. While this does happen, it is rare. The typical entrepreneur is a middle-aged professional who taps into a market need and uses his/her own savings to get into a venture like franchising, for example.

In fact, AARP’s (A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives) has done studies on self-employment and the over 50 population. Their research indicates that almost half of the self-employed population is over 50. What’s more about 33% of those first became self-employed at or past the age of 50.

The over 50 years proved to be the best time to start their own business for these people. For many of them, buying a franchise was the best way to do that. It’s a trend that is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

Why? Well, many franchisees are retirees or downsized corporate soldiers who always wanted to own their own enterprise. With rising life expectancies, at 50, there are most likely many years of fruitful labor remaining in their lives.

Also, do not underestimate the power of mid-life reflection. It’s a time when people seek meaning in their lives. Working in a career that is not providing fulfillment can often be a springboard to considering a franchising opportunity.

A franchise can be attractive to this age group because it’s a fast way to get into business with a proven product or service. Coupled with a good support system, it can make entry into small business ownership franchising a less risky proposition.

Understanding and wanting to fill a business need comes from experience and experience comes with age. Hopefully, a little wisdom does also. Because owning a franchise can be a beautiful experience in this rich stage of life. http://www.postalconnections.com/franchise-opportunities/ 

The History of Postal Connections of America

Today, you know your Postal Connections of America (PCA) store as a one-stop shop for many useful items and services for businesses and consumers. The stores offer anywhere pack and ship, printing, copying, shredding, mailbox rentals, office supplies, computer rentals, notary services and much more. In addition, to maintain the local flavor of the stores and because so many are community driven, several stores offer other items. These have included stocking greeting cards, gifts, local craft merchandise and selling media like games and DVDs.

The History of Postal Connections of America

Postal Connections of America started in 1995, 21 years in business in 2016, an enduring accomplishment by any standards. The company originally built and furnished postal, packing and shipping stores for independent operators. The very next year, 1996, PCA started franchising by providing franchisees a support system for daily operations, marketing and preferred vendors.

In 2000, a holding company bought the franchisor as an adjunct to a collection of businesses, operating Postal Connections as a subsidiary. In 2002, the current owners, C. “Andy” Thompson and Fred Morache, joined Postal Connections as experienced managers to develop the franchise business.

New Franchisors

Andy and Fred ended up buying the franchise in 2007 and made it a privately held company dedicated to expanding franchise stores across the US. Their concept was to update the version of the original postal, shipping and business services concept they helped create at Mail Boxes Etc. which was based on providing community-oriented products and services, stellar customer service and competitive pricing.

Franchisees are encouraged to add new services and hard-to-find products unique to the community. The Postal Connections staff and area franchisees dedicate themselves to assisting and guiding franchisees to grow their shops.

We love this business!

Note: All stores do not provide all services. Contact the store in your area to inquire about a particular product or service.