Leadership- the Five Bs

Leadership styles vary just as people do. Usually, the ways individuals lead are outgrowths of their personalities. Some are bombastic, some quiet and others are mix of many traits. However, there are ways to act as a leader that transcend all personality traits… the five Bs:

Be Yourself: In a time rife with phony smiles and chameleon-like changes because of the circumstances, stay authentic. Be true to yourself. It makes others feel like they know you and because of that, they want to help you be successful. And make sure you put the best part of yourself for your employees and customers to see.

Be an Immigrant: This means that when you arrive on new shores, you look at the landscape, including opportunities, with fresh eyes.  Everything is not only new, but exciting! You cannot wait to sink your teeth into what you’re about to face. You may even see potential that others miss.

Be Calm: Screaming does not work. If your customers or employees spend time wondering about what mood you’re in, not much gets done. Stay calm, steadfast and focused on the tasks on hand.

Be Accountable: This may be the toughest of all because this includes acknowledging when you make a mistake and few like to do that, yet we all admit we make them! If an error has been made with an employee’s pay, a customer’s order or a supplier’s shipment, ‘fess up and fix it. People know mistakes are made. It’s how mistakes get handled that separates the true leaders from the posers.

Be Questioning: Business owners often fall into a: The process is good because that’s the way it’s always been done or if it’s not broke, don’t fix it mentality. Question everything! If something has been around for a while chances are it could use some scrutiny.

If you can maintain the spirit of the five Bs, not only will you have set the foundation of good leadership but your company will flourish.